Products are delivered directly from our factories in China. This reduces intermediate and benefit from reduced cost.

  • Uk : between 16 and 25 working days

As soon as your order is confirmed, the package (tracking) will be shipped to you as soon as possible and you will receive by email a package tracking number to track the progress of the delivery.

* The speed of delivery may vary and depends on the carrier. Most shipments made by ordinary delivery arrive within the times indicated. However, deliveries can be delayed by multiple factors such as: the weather, the busy season of third parties, customs or other government officials; cases of “Force Majeure" – for example. earthquake, cyclone, storm, flood, fog, war, plane crash or embargo, riot or civil unrest, industrial action.

Delivery Confirmation :

Packages are shipped under the responsibility of the customer. The package will be considered delivered when we receive confirmation from the delivery services and the package is indicated “delivered or dropped off" on the official tracking site.

⚠️ Important information ⚠️

The Covid-19 (coronavirus) epidemic affects us all in China and abroad. Baseus is for safety and to make sure that customers receive our products safely.

In response to the epidemic, and starting today, we have decided to step up disinfection of goods in our warehouse, which will take around 7 days. (until March 20).

During this period, we will take into account your orders and packages will be shipped from March 20.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Baseus team

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